We have been active on the German and European packaging markets since 2005 with steadily growing success. This is largely thanks to our many satisfied customers. We provide films and bags 'à la carte' to suit your individual requirements. As a supplier of films, we can fulfil virtually any requests you have relating to manual or machine packaging. We will gladly work to the specifications you provide for film thicknesses and measurements, though if you prefer, we can advise you on these instead. We supply numerous types of bags made from a diverse range of materials that hardly any other supplier in our field can boast of. If desired, we can also supply our pouches, cuts and flat sheets with flexo/gravure printing in up to 10 colours. We are an independent company, and the fact we do not need to rely on other businesses means we can make quick decisions when it comes to carrying out requests. Our ample production capacities ensure fast delivery times, even for orders with large quantities

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Muovipakkaukset /  Joustopakkaukset /  Flap pouches /  Bags with adhesive sealing /  Header bags /  Aluminium compound foil bags /  Envelopes, transparent /  Polybags /  Flat pouch /  Greetings card packaging /  Greetings card packaging /  Polypropylene pouches /  Stand-up pouches (Doypack) /  Shrinkable tubing /  Cone bags /  Conical bags /  Wicketed bags /  Bread bags /  Sleeves /  Textile packaging /  Mailing envelopes /  Film packaging for food products /  Vegetable packaging /  Fruit packaging /  Calendar bags /  Side sealed bags /  Biodegradable packaging /  Magazine bags /  pakkauskalvot /  etiketit / 

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