The name Kratzer stands for precise tolerances, a high vertical range of manufacture and complex part structures. We can offer you exactly the high quality that your customers also expect of your products. In our company, the employees feel like part of the family. This means that everyone pulls together, not only to supply our customers with fault-free parts, but above all to deliver a personal service. Simply tell us what you need and we will give you detailed advice on what can be done in a realistic time frame. We only make promises that we can keep. This gives you the opportunity to make specific plans – you can rely on us. In addition to our qualified and motivated staff, we use the very latest machines, technologies and production methods in which we are continually investing. We receive the highest quality at an optimum price/performance ratio.



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Jyrsintä - terästen ja metallien /  Aluminium turned parts /  CNC 5-axis milled parts /  CNC turned and CNC milled parts /  Titanium CNC milled parts /  CNC honing /  CNC cutting /  Milled parts for medical technology /  Precision parts for medical technology /  Stainless steel CNC milled parts /  Steel CNC milled parts /  CNC precision parts /  CNC grinding /  Precision turned parts /  Milled parts for hydraulics /  Installation of mechanical assemblies /  Titanium precision turned parts /  Cutting technology / 

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